March 16, 2023

Welcome to MY website.  First and foremost, the standard warning text- everything on this website is strictly MY opinion.  When I allow comments, please bear this in mind.  Any comments posted that use colorful language (you know what I mean), are derogatory to anyone, or are just off-topic- will be deleted upon review.

OK, MY perspective- I am often asked the same question, “Richard, how do you stay organized and balance needs against your time?”

First and foremost, most of the time, I will give a Microsoft answer.  Why?  Because I’ve spent the majority of my career in Microsoft shops.  I have always tried to remain agnostic, so Google and AWS shops, all my love to you as well.

The first and primary tool that I always use is Microsoft Outlook.  The second tool I love is the Periodic Table of Office 365.

In addition to Outlook, I use To Do, a robust task list that can be shared amongst teams; on top of To Do, I use Planner.  As its name suggests, it allows me to use a Kanban-like board to organize my tasks and tasks for teams.  And finally, there are Teams—an excellent place for collaboration, document coauthoring, and teamwork.

Richard Tesmer
Director, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
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13819 Roman Ridge Ln Houston, TX 77047
Strategic Planning
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Proposal Writing
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Process Improvement
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about me
With a demonstrated success at offering strategic leadership in creation, continuous improvement, and execution of project management processes and practices. Instrumental in overseeing project metrics designed to monitor project success and report progress against defined objectives to implement corrective actions as per requirements. Stellar record of optimizing workflows by assessing, identifying, and implementing ways to enhance overall effectiveness. I have a stellar record or enhancing performance and maximizing customer satisfaction rates. I possess comprehensive experience directing critical aspects of technology from working in the managed service provider (MSP) and working security, hardware, helpdesk, application development and professional service projects. Leading skills assessments and building up of team members through mentoring and building skills development plans. Led agile efforts as the shepherd and servant leader, making teams more powerful, agile and capable of self-organization. Resourceful Vice President with over 25 years of results-oriented experience in business intelligence and operations management. Culturally sensitive and ethical professional with demonstrated success in developing and implementing optimized solutions. Versatile leader recognized for driving results in collaborative, inclusive manner. Highly motivated employee with desire to take on new challenges. Strong work ethic, adaptability, and exceptional interpersonal skills. Adept at working effectively unsupervised and quickly mastering new skills.
Bachelors of Arts
American Intercontental University. Major in Business Administration & Management with a Minor in Project Management.
Honor Society
Inductee to Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society, AIU.
National Honor Society
Inducted into the National Honor Soceity.
Anew Technology Partners - Vice President of Professional Services & Project / Program Management
A corporation made up of a variety of experts, each a partner, and able to collaborate as needed on a variety of consulting projects. o Partners elected to promote me to Vice President after the merging of two teams- Professional Services and the Project Management Office o Identified problems and implemented solutions to better streamline operations. o Communicated regularly with executive partner team members to deliver pertinent details related to progress status and direction for projects. o Delivered strategic input into business decisions and deals. o Led team in strategic executive-level planning. o Developed and analyzed cost vs. revenue metrics to monitor staff performance.
MadWolf Technologies- Director of Strategic Project Management Office
MadWolf is a managed service provider (MSP) who specializes in serving the NGO / NPO community. With a team of 50+ highly specialized individuals, they are able to handle over 10,000 seats and endpoints. o Built a recurring monthly income model, adding 29% regular income to the RMM model for the company. o Provided organizational leadership and collaborated with executive partners to establish long-term goals, strategies, and company policies. o Oversaw corrective action plans to remedy structural, organizational, and departmental issues. o Hired, trained and mentored multiple staff members to maximize productivity. Led as a servant leader. o Signed and approved budgets for new funding and program initiatives. o Implemented strategic offerings to enhance the company’s suite of products and services. o Strategized and implemented plans to transform and revitalize operations, capitalizing on emerging MSP trends caused by the worldwide pandemic. o Fostered collaboration and development of new practices by business leaders. o Created a program to promote new managers from within, leading to cohesive leadership structure. o Promoted brand awareness by increasing market penetration across NGO/NPO markets. o Developed long-range plans for business growth, resulting in 21% increase in annual sales. o Trained and mentored project managers on project methodologies and resource planning. o Partnered with department directors for key process improvements. o Established initial project budgets and regularly tracked actual costs to projected costs. o Created project plans based on project schedules and scope to capture key milestones and deliverables. o Drafted new and improved project management office policies and processes.
Anew Technology Partners- Director Of PS & PMO
Formed as a group of partners from Astoundry, specializing across the broad spectrum of consulting services- including application development and network security services. . o Renewed focus on providing one-on-one consulting services, more robust communication plans, better decision making, leadership, and community confidence. o Guided clients in developing skills or strategies for dealing with problems. o Planned and executed over 640+ short-term projects in professional development and community service.
Astoundry - Senior Project Manager
A Houston based consulting firm supporting oil / gas, transportation, and private companies around the world. o Assessed project risks and devised mitigation strategies to avoid potential roadblocks. o Kept project teams on-task with proactive control of budgets, schedules, and scopes. o Evaluated, determined, and delegated tasks to staff based on client needs, capacity planning and project-specific initiatives.
RTAZ Consulting - App Development Manager
A private consulting company focused on website development and hosting for small and medium businesses as well as custom application development. o Analyzed workflows and established priorities for daily operations. o Provided company users with tech support for IT problems and account maintenance. o Maintained knowledge of advances in information technology systems and applications.
PPI - Consultant and Trainer
Provides customized training on or off site as well as consulting services. o Implemented strategies to take advantage of new opportunities.
Asurion - Application Development Manager
The premiere reinsurance service to over 99% of the cell phone industry. Services included GIS driven roadside assistance call center supported services and major DTS through the daily receipt of millions of service records. o Identified problems and implemented solutions to better streamline operations. o Communicated regularly with executive team members to deliver pertinent details related to progress status and direction for projects. o Delivered strategic input into business decisions and deals. o Evaluated organization's technology to recommend upgrades for hardware and software in a multi-call center environment.


Project Management Institue: PMP Classroom Education Certified 100%
Project Management Institute: PMP Certification 50%
Project Management Institutue: PMP-ACI 75%
Accrediation Body for Scrum and Agile Cred #884796 100%